So you want to be a tarot reader?

My tips for the newbie tarot reader

  1. When you purchase your first deck of cards, make sure it comes with a book.

Each deck of cards has subtle differences and the book that comes with the cards will be specific to the pictures on the cards themselves.

  1. Choose a deck that you feel comfortable with and call to you.

You must be able to tell that the magician is the magician for example. Pick up the different decks and take notice if there are ones that are harder to put down or that your eyes keep coming back to.

  1. Start by introducing yourself to the cards.

Carry them with you for a few days in a purse or backpack, keep them beside your bed. Doing this will help create a psychic link between your cards and yourself.

  1. When you sit down for your first reading, sit still while holding the cards. Close your eyes and feel your energy flowing into the cards and the energy from the cards flowing back into you.
  1. Memorize a few keywords for each card. Get a journal and start writing the keywords down. As you study and learn more about the cards write it down in your journal for a quick reference.

The first tarot book I had was called Tarot in Ten Minutes. It was very helpful for me. When you find the right book for you, you will know right away. I created a Tarot journal and have published it on Amazon. There are others on Amazon as well. Here is the link to my book.


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